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ShirleyBurley Facebook Banner Graphic Design

Warners Bay Community Garden are celebrating a year in operation with an opening day. Graphic designs are required to promote and invite local community members to the event.

Shirley Burley Poster Graphic Design

WBCG’s logo includes a sunflower. Sunflowers symbolise happiness, good fortune and longevity for many people. Sunflower images were sourced, providing both design inspiration and a cheerful feature for the graphic designs. Bright oranges and yellows, along with greens were chosen as a colour scheme to convey optimism. The sunflower’s distinctive face was repeated in the graphic designs through circular shapes and varying weights of Avenir typeface.

Shirley Burley Flyer Graphic Design

Graphic designs featured the impressive and simple sunflower images with a minimum amount of text for a maximum impact. People can quickly and easily read information from a distance (when viewed as A2 sized wall posters) and in their hands (as double sided, digitally printed A5 flyers). The Facebook banners are straightforward invitations – including the date – to celebrate and attend.

The sunflower images were shared by José Carlos Cortizo Pérez with a Creative Commons licence.

ShirleyBurley Facebook Banner Graphic Design


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