Poster, Flyer, Facebook Banner


A1 (594x891mm) digitally printed poster.

Waterwatch Central Coast and the Community Environment Network are participating in a Citizen Science Conference this week in Canberra. Display material is required to share the success of Waterwatch Central Coast and the positive results achieved in improving water quality by the Long Jetty group.

The display materials need visual impact and include detailed information.

A striking photograph of Tuggerah Lakes foreshore inspired the blue and olive colour palette. A water graphic (from the Waterwatch logo) was created. A layout grid organised text and images. Sans serif typefaces (Bailey Sans Bold for headings, and Akzidens Grotesk Condensed for body text) were chosen for their clean crisp aesthetic and legibility. These elements created a strong visual theme and linked conference display materials.

Waterwatch-Flyer-Design-01  Waterwatch Flyer Design

Double sided digitally printed flyer 140x297mm.


Facebook banner.


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Shirley Burley

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